For those of us who love Retro Gaming, there’s something incredibly special about playing older video games that we played as a kid. Even as video game consoles have continued to exponentially offer better graphics and more impressive game features, it’s difficult to recreate that true feeling of nostalgia you get when you dive into an SNES game that makes you feel like a kid again.

Thankfully, there are plenty of older games that have really stood the test of time. Here are 10 older games that are still really fun to play.

1. Hyperzone

Speed your way through each level, blasting asteroids and enemies as you please.  Scarce opportunities to heal and tough end-level bosses make this racer/shooter a balanced blend of addicting and challenging.

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2. Dr. Mario

Even though the gameplay looks pretty similar to Tetris, any one who plays Dr. Mario for more than 30 seconds will quickly realize that each game is actually quite different.  Rather than controlling shapes, the player controls colored pills by using them to attack viruses. 

The game starts out relatively slow, but get about level 5 and you’ll quickly find yourself up against a real challenge.  Make it to level 20, and you’re met with nothing short of chaos.

3. Punch Out!!

Fight your way through the ranks as Little Mac, an amateur boxer looking to show his much larger opponents what he’s made of.  The player must find each challenger’s weakness in order to defeat them, which will then require an array of well timed punches.  If not, you’ll find yourself up against the ropes.

4. Blaster Master

You’re now Jason, a guy who’s pet frog escapes and gets into a mess of radioactive goo, and now must drive this conveniently abanxdoned tank around and kill all the mutant freakazoids who apparently live in this hole.  Outlandish plot or not, Blaster Master is indeed a blast.  You even spend time exploring the world outside of your vehicle, fighting fun bosses for upgrades on your tank.

5. Clue

Surprising as it may seem, the SNES adaptation of the classic board game is actually a lot of fun.  You get the investigative thrill of solving the murder mystery at the mansion, all while avoiding the hassle of setting up the physical board game itself.  Throw some AI players in the mix and if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself playing game after game.

6. Turtles in Time

This one may not surprise you at all.  Turtles in Time was a blast back then and it’s a blast now.  The Beat em parts of the game keep you engaged, while the special bonus levels keep you interested.  Good thing Shredder has a practically infinite army of goons for you to fight.

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7. Pokémon Pinball

This Gameboy Color release brings the player a fresh new twist on catching them all.  Travel the Kanto region, hitting bumpers to reveal Pokemon that you can catch, and then evolve.  This game has the features of both a good long-play RPG and a quick pick-up-and play, making it hard to put down.

8. Solomon’s Key

Coming in as the oldest, and arguable hardest, game on our list, Solomon’s Key is a fast-paced puzzle game that follows the hero Dana as he travels from room to room, rescuing faeries, and figuring out how to get to the key that unlock’s his exit, all while avoiding demons that kill you in one hit and racing against a timer that’s rapidly approaching zero.  

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9. B.O.B.

This Super Nintendo hidden gem follows Bob, an alien who wreck’s his dad’s space car and finds himself stranded on an asteroid filled with bad guys who want him dead.  Luckily for the player, Bob finds plenty of weapons and attachments to help him along the way.

10. Super Mario Bros. 3

This list wouldn’t be complete with what is arguably the best Super Mario Bros game of the series.  This classic brought fans back to the familiar feel of SMB 1, while introducing new features, such as the Super Leaf and the Frog Suit.  Travel the Mushroom Kingdom, saving 7 different kingdoms on your way to save your lady friend, Princess Toadstool

Well that’s all for this article.  What are some older games that you still love to play? Let us know in the comments!

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